3D - Biome 3D

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Description 3D - Biome 3D 3D, Eat other cells to become the biggest one! Can you get to the top 10? Biome3D is a free Agar io version with premium features that allow players to play online and grow eating other players with customized skins. Without paying anything for that, choose a cute or cool skin to cover the macrobiotic cell in this bioma and become bigger than anyone else, ranking up with a highscore mod that will make everyone logging in at that moment give up on trying to become the next powerups champion. The Mouse moves it without the necessity of clicking or doing anything whatsoever. Good luck! Biome is a direct competitor to the popular multiplayer game Agario. The rules of the game are the same as in the Mods, but now with with improved 3D graphics. You can also play with other players around the world. Try it, maybe this version of the game you like more! In today's online game, you can play AGARIO in 3D. In this cool version, you will see your enemy from every angle. Eat the other little balls and become the biggest one. It won't be easy at all. But we believe that you can do this and become the largest ball. It's possible to become one of the TOP powerups players. Can you do that ?

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How To Play 3D - Biome 3D Walkthrough